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Hand made Dichroic Glass pendant. Set in .925 high quality sterling silver. Does not include the chain. Dimensions - 2"x2"


Dichroic Glass Pendant


    Dichroic Glass is enjpyed by all. Iits healing features and alluring colorful shades activates all the chakras of the wearer and opens the path towards the expanded universe that is beyond the bodies. It is also know for activating the Crown Chakra which then in turns assists the owner to respond back to this world which is all around him and regulate all this thoughts and emotions. 

  • Even the best-cared-for jewelry will sometimes require cleaning. Polishing your sterling silver jewelry will typically be the best way to clean it. Be sure to do the following:

    • Use a special non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching.
    • Move to a new section of the cloth regularly.
    • Use Wrights silver cleaner or a similar cleaner for the metal
    • Do not rub in a circular pattern -  follow the grain of the silver.
    • No hairspray or perfume on your pearl. Pearls are porous it will peel the nacre off. 
    • Use Dawn or a similar grease relief soap to clean gemstones.