Lava Line Blue Topaz and white freshwater coin pendant. Sterling Silver 2.5 carat  Blue topaz   white freshwater coin pendant.. Pendant comes with chain. - Chain are sterling silver. Inquire about different chains

W-30mm x H -40mm  weight -15,9 grams .Out of stock pieces will take 6 weeks for delivery. 

Lava Line Blue Topaz and white freshwater coin pendant

  • Meaning: Blue Topaz helps in the pursuit of psycology and increasing adventurous spirit.

    Birthstone for November

    Healing: Calms the soul and strengthens the heart.   


  • Even the best-cared-for jewelry will sometimes require cleaning. Polishing your sterling silver jewelry will typically be the best way to clean it. Be sure to do the following:

    • Use a special non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching.
    • Move to a new section of the cloth regularly.
    • Use Wrights silver cleaner or a similar cleaner for the metal
    • Do not rub in a circular pattern -  follow the grain of the silver.
    • No hairspray or perfume on your pearl. Pearls are porous it will peel the nacre off. 
    • Use Dawn or a similar grease relief soap to clean gemstones.

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