Lava Flow Square Prasiolite and Peridot Pendant. Sterling Silver, 2.5 carat peridot and 4.5 carat Prasiolite (Green Amethsyt) and Peridot pendant.. Pendant comes with chain. - Chain are sterling silver. Inquire about different chains

W-30mm x H -40mm  weight -15,9 grams .Out of stock pieces will take 6 weeks for delivery. 

Lava Flow Square Prasiolite Prasolite and Peridot Pendant

  • Peridot( pronounced-PEAR-uh-doe)- Refered by Gemologist as "Evening Emeralds."Called the Gem of the Sun" The stone was associated with the sun and is said to dissolve enchantments and evil spirits.This stone is suppose to help in healing and spiritual growth.

    Peridot  are olivine crystals, a common mineral found in Hawaii's lava. When it is high quality oviline it is then called Peridot.


    Prasiolite ( Green Amethyst )-Healing- Its name is really Prasiolite- integrates and balances the higher and lower aspects of being. It awakens the heart to the frequency of love and compassion and enhances the connection to all things.

    Meaning- It is a heat treated form of Amethyst. It is a stone that is to bring us closer to nature and closer to our heart zone.


  • Even the best-cared-for jewelry will sometimes require cleaning. Polishing your sterling silver jewelry will typically be the best way to clean it. Be sure to do the following:

    • Use a special non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching.
    • Move to a new section of the cloth regularly.
    • Use Wrights silver cleaner or a similar cleaner for the metal
    • Do not rub in a circular pattern -  follow the grain of the silver.
    • No hairspray or perfume on your pearl. Pearls are porous it will peel the nacre off. 
    • Use Dawn or a similar grease relief soap to clean gemstones.

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