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Jolica Jewels

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Change keeps both jewelry making and life exciting. I was raised in three countries and three states, so I saw constant change while growing up and I have always thrived on it. 

I believe changing my designs, materials and working locations brings inspiration and ideas. Traveling brings a continuous change of scenery and that opens my eyes to new styles, materials and possibilities.

The LavaLine was inspired by a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. The Kilauea Volcano is a magical place in spirit and in shear beauty. Watching the lava flow in and around the volcano inspired me to create a very organic and free flowing line of jewelry. Every silver piece has its own personality formed around a pearl, gemstone, shell or glass. 


The inspiration for the Nautilus Line comes from the actual Nautilus of the sea. This beautiful creature’s continuous spiral design is fluid like the water it swims in while offering a simplicity that is pleasing to the eye. I hope to create the same feeling in this line of jewelry: everlasting, stylish and pleasing accessories that compliment whatever your wear.

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