Biwa  Pearl  Ring. Each piece is fit to the specific pearl, so the bands are similar but each ring is different. There is a thick version or thick version. Sterling silver wraps each freshwater pearl. These rings comes in sizes 6 through 9. Other sizes are available but may take up to six weeks. Out of stock orders will take up to six weeks as well.

Biwa Pearl Ring

Pearl Color: White
  • Freshwater pearls are found in Mussels called Unio. Pearls are a response of the mollusk to an irritating foreign material in its shell. Pearls are beleived to signify faith,charity and innocence. They are supposed to enhance integrity and help to focus your attention. Powered pearls are used to treat digestive disorders and increase Fertility.

    The birthstone for June is Pearl.

  • Even the best-cared-for jewelry will sometimes require cleaning. Polishing your sterling